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Meadows discount oil can offer you the best prices by ordering online. Our Online ordering system is easy and convenient and can be done from any smart phone, tablet or computer 24 hours a day/7 days a week. We offer exclusive prices for ordering online! Try online ordering today!

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Meadows Discount Oil is a family owned and operated business with core family values.
Our Mission is to offer quality and on time service along with the best prices to your neighborhood all year long.

We take the comfort you feel in your home or business seriously and that is why our entire experienced team is always there respond quickly to your requests, give advice and help you discover ways to save time and money on all your heating and cooling needs.

At Meadows Discount Oil we set out to give you the very best service during every season of the year!


Alex CohenOttsville
Alex Cohen, Ottsville, PA“Meadows Discount Oil has incredible service and the best prices around – always lower than the neighboring competition. Their online…